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Dear Michael,

> Siouan languages and Algonquian languages have also interfaced over the
> last 1000 years or so in the Midwest, but again there hasn't been much
> borrowing back and forth. Curiously, though, the Miami-Illinois term for
> the number "eight," /palaani/, is from a Siouan language. Go figure.

I think that it is incorrect to say that there has not been much borrowing
between Algonquian and Siouan languages. In general (apart from the
borrowing of the numeral "eight" from Tutelo to Miami-Illinois you
mention), the direction of borrowing is from Algonquian to Siouan.
Borrowings are not always easily recognizable due to a series of sound
changes in Siouan (they include words such as "bow", "squash", "bear" etc).
On this topic, see:

Koontz, John E. 1986. Old loanwords in Mississippi Valley Siouan:
archaeological implications. Paper presented at the 44th Annual
PlainsConference, Denver, Colorado.
Michaud, Alexis, Jacques, Guillaume & Rankin, Robert. 2012. Historical
transfer of nasality between consonantal onset and vowel: from C to V or
from V to C? *Diachronica* 29.2: 201–230.


Guillaume Jacques
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