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Bonjour, Jacques,

I know John's ideas on borrowings but was unaware of your Michaud's and 
Bob's piece. Thank you. I will read it. When I said "not much" 
borrowing between Siouan and Algonquian, I didn't mean "none".



Quoting Guillaume Jacques <rgyalrongskad at>:

> Dear Michael,
>> Siouan languages and Algonquian languages have also interfaced over the
>> last 1000 years or so in the Midwest, but again there hasn't been much
>> borrowing back and forth. Curiously, though, the Miami-Illinois term for
>> the number "eight," /palaani/, is from a Siouan language. Go figure.
> I think that it is incorrect to say that there has not been much borrowing
> between Algonquian and Siouan languages. In general (apart from the
> borrowing of the numeral "eight" from Tutelo to Miami-Illinois you
> mention), the direction of borrowing is from Algonquian to Siouan.
> Borrowings are not always easily recognizable due to a series of sound
> changes in Siouan (they include words such as "bow", "squash", "bear" etc).
> On this topic, see:
> Koontz, John E. 1986. Old loanwords in Mississippi Valley Siouan:
> archaeological implications. Paper presented at the 44th Annual
> PlainsConference, Denver, Colorado.
> Michaud, Alexis, Jacques, Guillaume & Rankin, Robert. 2012. Historical
> transfer of nasality between consonantal onset and vowel: from C to V or
> from V to C? *Diachronica* 29.2: 201?230.
> Guillaume
> --
> Guillaume Jacques

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