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Dear listeros

There happened strange deletions in my latest message. I hope this one will be understandable.


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Yes, this is correct, except that huian should be parsed /wi-ya:n/. This is the reason why, while using most of the time Carochi's script, I write the y (i.e. huiyān, while Carochi writes huiān). For the same reason, I write celia but piya, because of the different preterit morphology (Carochi writes pia); and again, I write cocoa "hurt" but micōhua "there are deaths" (Carochi: micōa, though he usually writes the /w/ in transitive verbs like pōhua, cōhua).

Much to my shame, I long believed that in yauh the /a/ was long (and it is written long in my grammar in French 1979), but it is definitely short. This big mistake was corrected in the English version


Michel Launey


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> Notequixpoyohuan,
> Leaving aside difference in older variants, is there anything wrong with the following paradigms in standard Classical Nahuatl?
> Present
> niyauh, tiyauh, yauh, tihuih, anhuih, huih
> Optative
> ma niyauh, xiyauh, ma yauh, ma tihuian, xihuian, ma huian
> Present
> nihuallauh, tihuallauh, huallauh, tihualhuih, anhualhuih, hualhuih
> Optative
> ma nihuallauh, xihuallauh, ma huallauh, ma tihualhuian, xihualhuian, ma hualhuian
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