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Dear John:

They look pretty good to me. The only changes I would make –following
Andrews (2003: 90-99), Campbell & Karttunen (1989), Carochi (2001: 150-166),
and Lockhart (2001: 64, 65)– would be to mark the long vowels (a:), add the
particle ma: to the second person forms, and include the regional variants
tiyahui, anyahui, and yahui, mentioned by Lockhart in a footnote to Carochi
(2001: 159, n. 6) and discussed by Canger (2011: 248), who explains that
tihuih, anhuih, and huih are reduced forms used by the inhabitants of
Tenochtitlan and Tlatelolco.

The paradigms thus modified would look like this:

		niyauh, tiyauh, yauh, tihuih (tiyahui), anhuih (anyahuih),
huih (yahui)
		ma: niyauh, ma: xiyauh, ma: yauh, ma: tihuia:n, ma:
xihuia:n, ma: huia:n
		nihua:llauh, tihua:llauh, hua:llauh, tihua:lhuih,
anhua:lhuih, hua:lhuih
		ma: nihua:llauh, ma: xihua:llauh, ma: hua:llauh, ma:
tihua:lhuia:n, ma: xihua:lhuia:n, ma: hua:lhuia:n


ANDREWS, J. Richard (2003). Introduction to Classical Nahuatl, revised
edition, Norman, University of Oklahoma Press.

CAMPBELL, R. Joe; KARTTUNEN, Frances (1989). Foundation course in Nahuatl
grammar, volume 1: Text and exercises, Missoula, The University of Montana.

CANGER, Una (2011). “El nauatl urbano de Tlatelolco/Tenochtitlan, resultado
de convergencia entre dialectos, con un esbozo brevísimo de la historia de
los dialectos,” in Estudios de Cultura Náhuatl (Instituto de Investigaciones
Históricas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), no. 42, pp. 243-258.

CAROCHI, Horacio (2001). Grammar of the Mexican language with an explanation
of its adverbs (1645), James Lockhart, translator and editor, Stanford/Los
Angeles, Stanford University Press/UCLA Latin American Center Publications.

LOCKHART, James (2001). Nahuatl as written, lessons in older written
Nahuatl, with copious examples and texts, Stanford/Los Angeles, Stanford
University Press/UCLA Latin American Center Publications.

Best regards,


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	Leaving aside difference in older variants, is there anything wrong
with the following paradigms in standard Classical Nahuatl?
		niyauh, tiyauh, yauh, tihuih, anhuih, huih
		ma niyauh, xiyauh, ma yauh, ma tihuian, xihuian, ma huian
		nihuallauh, tihuallauh, huallauh, tihualhuih, anhualhuih,
		ma nihuallauh, xihuallauh, ma huallauh, ma tihualhuian,
xihualhuian, ma hualhuian

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