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 "Michael McCafferty"  wrote

> At the same time, I'm not sure what "modern grammarians" you are
> referring to above. Modern grammarians do in fact address this issue,
> and quite well.
> J. Richard Andrews (1975) in _Introduction to Classical Nahuatl_, p.
> 67, says, (...)  Sullivan's contemporaneous publication (...)
> Karttunen's and Campbell's "Foundation Course in Nahuatl Grammar" (vol.
> 1, p. 47) says, (...)



I say "many", not all.
Let me put it this way: there are still (many? I can delete that if you like) people who list yauh and huallauh as two different verbs, and in my opinion they are wrong. Those who do not are right.

I hope this settles the (minor) issue.





> By the way, I object to considering hu?llauh as a verb of its own,
> > and I?m afraid that in so doing, many colonial and modern grammarians
> > are influenced by the fact that in European languages there are two
> > different verbs to translate yauh and hu?llauh. But it is clearly
> > hu?l- + yauh, with the directional prefix hu?l- which marks ?motion
> > toward? (so hu?l-yauh is ?go closer?).

> Best regards,
> Michael McCafferty




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