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Quoting Moises Aparicio <moyporfirio at>:

> hi; i need your help; i need to know how is the pronunciation of the word
> Éhecatl = Cerro del viento
> thanks for your help.
> God B.Y.

Good question. It looks like it had two pronunciations in the old days.

But first, your term means 'viento' not 'cerro del viento.

For your term, Andrews has Ehehcatl.

This would be phonetic [e?é?katl], where [?] is a glottal stop and [tl] 
is a single consonant. It's written as a digraph with the [-l] 
sometimes superscripted to show that release of this consonant occurs 
off the sides of the tongue. In some modern dialects this sound is [t] 
or [l].

The acute accent mark over the second [e] shows that the second 
syllable receives the "stress".

I can't reproduce Karttunen's spelling by email font but here's the 
gist of it:


This is phonetic [e?é:katl].

Kartunnen notes that most sources evince the second pronunciation, but 
the one noted by Andrews is also attested according to Karttunen.

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