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John Schwaller jfschwaller at
Mon Sep 22 19:17:13 UTC 2014


We have been having some great conversations, thanks to some queries from
John Sullivan, and others.

For general housekeeping I would like to remind list members of a couple of
suggestions, which seem to have been regularly ignored:

1.  When replying, do not just hit "Reply" especially is you subscribe to
the Digest.  Compose a fresh message.  If you do use the "Reply" function,
make sure that the Subject line reflects the actual conversation not: "Re:
Nahuatl Digest Vol 666, Issue 6" or the like.

2.  When replying to a long conversation, PLEASE delete the older messages
where possible.  It is annoying to get a post which is hundreds of lines
long, and quotes many, many other messages.

Tlazohcamati huel miac

J. F. Schwaller, List owner

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