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Michael McCafferty mmccaffe at indiana.edu
Thu Sep 25 17:57:20 UTC 2014


Like Mr. Launey I am puzzled by your idea that -ti can mean 'have'. If 
I say to myself "nicaltih," that sounds to me like "I became a 
house"...maybe playing with the kids or creating something in my 
imagination. It wouldn't mean "I have a house". I'm having trouble 
finding examples of a verb in -ti with a noun stem that means 'have'. 

Can you provide some examples where we find -ti meaning 'have'? That 
might help.

Much obliged,


Quoting M Launey <mlauney at wanadoo.fr>:

> Dear John and listeros
> I?m puzzled by this translation -ti = « have ». I?m away for a week
> from my books, and I will check as soon as I can, but I can?t
> remember a single clear occurrence in the Classical Nahuatl corpus of
> a ?ti verb meaning « have ».
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> calli + ti = calti, ?to have a house?,
> John
> __

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