A question

Barbara O'Dea odeab at UNM.EDU
Thu Aug 1 16:12:23 UTC 2002

This is interesting, and probably to be expected at an event as large as
Deaf Way II.

Were the SW poster exhibits the "only" exhibits to be positioned in that
particular place??? If so, that would be curious; if not, I can't imagine
the placement would have had any meaning. odeeodee

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> for starters ... posters at Deaf Way were hidden.  The left side of the
> kiosk instructed you that posters were straight ahead.  The right side of
> the kiosk instructed you to proceed straight ahead.  If those signs were
> correct, you would still be circling the kiosk today.  I inquired at
> "information" where posters were supposed to be, and was informed to
> the "exhibitor" for that information, which I did, but, being that I was
> "exhibitor", I still didn't have an answer.  Posters were upstairs in a
> corner, well away from where people would cross between lectures.
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