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No all posters were equally disadvantaged, but those on the first day were
impossible to find because even the various aids had no idea what was going
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>Date: Thu, Aug 1, 2002, 11:12 AM

>This is interesting, and probably to be expected at an event as large as
>Deaf Way II.
>Were the SW poster exhibits the "only" exhibits to be positioned in that
>particular place??? If so, that would be curious; if not, I can't imagine
>the placement would have had any meaning. odeeodee
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>> for starters ... posters at Deaf Way were hidden.  The left side of the
>> kiosk instructed you that posters were straight ahead.  The right side of
>> the kiosk instructed you to proceed straight ahead.  If those signs were
>> correct, you would still be circling the kiosk today.  I inquired at
>> "information" where posters were supposed to be, and was informed to
>> the "exhibitor" for that information, which I did, but, being that I was
>> "exhibitor", I still didn't have an answer.  Posters were upstairs in a
>> corner, well away from where people would cross between lectures.
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