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December 10, 2002

So we now have an American dictionary opened inside Germany... So to change the first sign, which is the number one, in a German sign for "one".....This is what I did:

1. I downloaded Stefan's German dictionary in SW4.4, which he posted on his web site.

2. I then opened Virtual PC on Mac OS X, which lets me use DOS on my machine.

3. I then opened Stefan's German dictionary inside SignWriter 4.4.

4. My German is not terrific...But I guessed that the number one in German was the word "ein", and I searched for that in Stefan's dictionary and I found the sign (I hope it is the right sign... ;-)

5. I then exported that German sign in SW 4.4 to a BMP, and I then opened the BMP in Photoshop. I created a GIF of the sign, and placed the GIF in my Archives folder for German signs, called "SignWriting DE"....

6. I am now back in the SignBankEditor. I clicked on the American sign for "one" and deleted the sign. Then I chose the word "Insert Picture" from the FileMaker menus at the top...Stefan, you will need to find this in your German FileMaker...please see the attached GIF shows how the menus look in the English version of FileMaker:
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