New years message

Tini Pel tinipel at ONLINK.NET
Mon Dec 30 19:50:45 UTC 2002

When I see your message Stefan I am always anxious to open it and I am never
disappointed. You are a GENIUS. I have said that before I know. But each
time I am amazed what you can produce with your ideas and computer.

You said, you are looking forward to new spelling lessons. I hope you are
also looking forward to give corrections again. I am still working, when I
have time, on the Rabbi, that bedtime children's story. I have 4 more pages
to send to you for corrections. Do you still have time and are willing?

One more day and the year is over WOW!!! Have a wonderful "old and New" as
we would say in Holland, with your family. Talk to you soon,

Henk and Tini.

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