Happy New Year from Munich

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Mon Dec 30 09:48:50 UTC 2002

Dear Valerie and list members,
I have to apologize, I didn't write to You for quite a long time. Here
in Munich we are still beginners in Signwriting. In December we started
to learn to use the SignWriter 4.4.de with the first lessons. Also for
our deaf group members it needs a lot of training to get used to
SignWriting and the computer program. But we all are so happy to be able
to write down (Bavarian) Sign Language now.
Valerie, I try to follow Your SignBank lessons as good as possible, but
it will take some time until we can join the discussion, I think.
We wish a Happy New Year to all of You!!!
All the best
Sebastian Braumandl
e.d.pfau know how
Falkenstraße 48
D-81541 München

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