Parameters of Signs and SW

Flavio Medina flaviomedina at YAHOO.COM
Thu Jul 4 04:03:41 UTC 2002

Hello everyone.

It's been quite a long time this list has become
quiet... I guess we all miss Val, but it's good that
she can devote herself to Signbank.

I have some questions, and would like to know if
anyone knows how to reply them.

I read some papers about sign languages (including "A
Linguistic Comparison", from that
state that sign languages are composed of five basic
1) Handshape
2) Location
3) Movement
4) Orientation
5) NMGS - Non-manual Gramatical Signals

I'd like to know where the symbols for touching,
brushing, etc. (contact) fall into. And what about the
signs for interaction with hair and cloth - are those
also NMGS?

Thanks, hope to see many opinions!

Flavio Ricardo (Rikki) Oliveira

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