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oops - apparenty I sent this message to flavio only... here it is
again for the list. :-)

>I read some papers about sign languages (including "A
>Linguistic Comparison", from that
>state that sign languages are composed of five basic
>1) Handshape
>2) Location
>3) Movement
>4) Orientation
>5) NMGS - Non-manual Gramatical Signals
>I'd like to know where the symbols for touching,
>brushing, etc. (contact) fall into. And what about the
>signs for interaction with hair and cloth - are those
>also NMGS?

hi flavio and all,

here my five cent's worth: i would say that interaction with hair and
cloth are to be subsumed under location. contact, likewise, in most
cases has to do with contact on a special location and/or contact on
the other hand. in the latter case, sometimes this is called "hand
configuration", which, in my opinion, is also just a location.
brushing, on the other hand, is always connected to movement,
although the brushing contact, of course, also takes place at some
location. i would still clearly group brushing with movement.

hope this helps.
best - susanne

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