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Tue Jul 23 17:41:40 UTC 2002

A suggestion to the list:  Why not set up a SignWriting committee from this
list who are willing to represent this group and solicit participation from
other writing system advocates and start putting together ideas? That
committee can update the list and find volunteers for other tasks or to get
feedback.  Then maybe we can move forward on this idea.

Another possibility is to have "regional" meetings that lead up to a
world-wide meeting in 2 or 3 years?  For example, maybe the Americas can
have a regional meeting.  Europe can have a meeting, etc.  I don't know if
that would make it easier to lead up to a world-wide meeting?

Just a thot.


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Subject: Re: convention

> Yesterday I spoke to one of the few persons in Norway who do any research
> on sign. He does not himself use SignWriting, but knows of the system.He
> is a professor at the university of Oslo. He though a convention on the
> writing of signed languages was a great idea, and that it was a pity/
> shame that no such convention had been held yet.
> There is a grant opportunity for the Nordic countries, with a deadline in
> November. But as SW is not much used in Scandinavia, we might be in a
> minority, and would not want that. Besides, it would be hard to argue for
> a world-wide convention that way. I think prepartions should take at least
> one year, and that we should think carefully about where and when and who
> .....
> But we really do need such a convention, that's for sure,
> Ingvild

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