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Hello Regina,
On April 14th 2002 New York Times wrote an article about sign writing and in
it was mentioned about a  12 year old girl ª±  advancement in her school work
when introduced to sign writing.
Perhaps that will be of some help to you,


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I don't know if such real statistics exist, but if they do, I'd love to see
them also. As far as I know, there isn't much statistical information - at
least in a large scale - about Sign Writing's benefits.The knowledge exists
in peoples minds...Maybe in Germany , Denmark or Albequerque they might
know - about their OWN situations...But, as I said, if someone does know
some statistics, or even "experimental small scale statistics", I'd love to
see them!
Nitsu Pikkupyora :)
>Does someone have, or know where to locate, staistics related to the
>benefits of Sign Writing? Specifically, how have reading and comprehension
>of English - or any spoken language - improved among students who also have
>learned Sign Writing?
>I hope someone has time to send some information.
>Thank you.
>Regina Brooks - hearing
>Serving the Heartsigns Internet Ministry
>... from the foot of the Cross


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