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Dear Everyone,

Though I would also be interested in having a statistic of "improvement in the spoken language following learning of a written form of sign language", I think I would be more interested in how many daily users of signwriting exist worldwide.  For "daily user" I would mean those who regularly write their local sign language every day using signwriting as the medium of communication.  

For me, this is the true test of the writing system, is it useful in an everyday setting? like "making a grocery list," or "sending holiday greetings" or "writing a letter to a friend"?  These situations are things useful in commerce and can show that "literature" is possible using signwriting of the local sign language alone.  If one is always using it "comparatively" it is always "in comparison" not "a writing system for a signed language".  

At the Deaf Center of Pelotas, for example, they started putting signs on the bathroom and meeting rooms in Libras (Brazilian Sign Language).  They haven't yet switched the menu to the snack bar into Libras only, but that would be the next step.  

I'd like to see a Deaf community truly adopt written sign language as the primary written language with the written form of the primary spoken language as a supplement only when the sign language runs out of words.  

The closest that exists is the Danish Sign Language community which does have a great body of text in Danish Sign Language, but I am not sure how much "daily use outside the classroom" occurs.  

Anyone out there who is using signwriting as the primary mode of written communication?

Charles Butler

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  I don't know if such real statistics exist, but if they do, I'd love to see them also. As far as I know, there isn't much statistical information - at least in a large scale - about Sign Writing's benefits.The knowledge exists in peoples minds...Maybe in Germany , Denmark or Albequerque they might know - about their OWN situations...But, as I said, if someone does know some statistics, or even "experimental small scale statistics", I'd love to see them! 

  Nitsu Pikkupyora :) 

  >Does someone have, or know where to locate, staistics related to the 
  >benefits of Sign Writing? Specifically, how have reading and comprehension 
  >of English - or any spoken language - improved among students who also have 
  >learned Sign Writing? 
  >I hope someone has time to send some information. 
  >Thank you. 
  >Regina Brooks - hearing 
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