SignWriter and XP.

Stefan Woehrmann2 stefanwoehrmann at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Jun 1 10:00:30 UTC 2002

Hallo Ilka,

ganz herzlich willkommen im Club!

Ich habe mich sehr gefreut, deine Anfragen und Anregungen zu lesen. SW ist
gef ʬ rlich - einmal davon angesteckt, l Êü ft man Gefahr, vor lauter Arbeit,
Forschungsdrang und Interesse an der eigenen Textproduktion die Welt um sich
zu vergessen-

Ich versuchte den Hamburger Studenten zu vermitteln, dass ich die
Geb Ê° denSchrift in der Schule f ^?^?  ein au FÞ rordentlich wichtiges Werkzeug
halte. Die bisherigen Pionierarbeiten erleichtern allen Neueinsteigern die
Arbeit ganz wesentlich.

Ich freue mich auf anregende Beitr Ê^Ý e und vor allen Dingen Diskussionen zum
Lesen und Schreiben der Geb Ê° denSchrift !

Ganz herzliche Gr ^?^? e

Stefan ;-))

PS Leider bleibt es dabei, dass SW4.4 unter XP nicht l Êü ft. Ich lasse mich
davon aber nicht beirren und werde einen 2. Computer f ^?^?  das
Geb Ê° denSchrift - Programm beahlten. Die dann produzierten Graphiken und
PDF - Dateien k ô? nen dann wieder problemlos unter XP  weiterbenutzt werden.

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From: "Ilka Sch Ê^Ø ke" <ilka at SCHAEFKE.NET>
Sent: Friday, May 31, 2002 7:44 AM
Subject: SignWriter and XP.

Dear Jerry, Stuart, Val and list,
it is just as Stuart and Jerry described, no key combination tried so far
ist working...  I ±_ l try Jerry ±±  idea, though, maybe my computer lets
himself be tricked into cooperation! Stuart, if XP does act differently
because of the operating system layer between hard- and software, why is my
other DOS-program (another linguistic program called COPROF, but since it is
from Germany you probably don ±²  know it) running?
As for my dissertation, i ±>  right now trying to analyse 720 Texts from deaf,
hard-of-hearing and hearing students in 3rd, 6th and 9th grade to compare
their writing style. We are still a bit backwards in Germany so that no one
really paid much attention to how these students write. I am still searching
for a good idea how to compare the contents, though, because i can see that
there are a couple of texts that are just ingenious, but the formal usage of
German is still pretty bad. Does anyone have an idea how to compare 700
texts contentwise?

Bye, Ilka
Ilka Sch Ê^Ø ke
Weidestra FÞ  25
22083 Hamburg
Tel.: (040) 567808
Fax.: (069) 79 12 24 777

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From: "Stuart Thiessen" <smt_sw at HOTMAIL.COM>
Sent: Friday, May 31, 2002 6:12 AM
Subject: Re: For Ilka in Germany...

> Maybe I am misunderstanding Ilka, but it seems maybe she is able to open
> another DOS program but is wondering why SignWriter won't work.
> If that is the case, I may have an idea why.  I think the SignWriter
> is designed to write directly to the video card to display the signs
> In the DOS days, writing directly to the hardware was better for speed
> to depend on your programming language's video routines.  However, since
> Windows NT, Microsoft has put a operating system layer between the
> and any programs.  That prevents the kind of behavior that DOS used to
> allow. So, the point of all this simply is this: If XP prevents DOS
> (or any program from accessing the hardware (video or otherwise)), then
> SignWriter probably won't work on those machines.  That is my guess.
> Just a thought.
> Stuart
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> Stuart Thiessen
> Des Moines, IA
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> Sent: Thursday, 30 May 2002 20:32
> Subject: For Ilka in Germany...
> SignWriting List
> May 30, 2002
> >Ilka Sch  ^Ö"  ke from Hamburg, Germany:
> >I downloaded the programm, but it refuses to do anything while open
> >and i can  ^È·   get it to close again, either. I do have another
> >programm running dos-based, though, so i wonder what the problem
> >might be. Is there anyone with a hint what i could try next?
> Hello Everyone, and Ilka -
> I thought about your message, Ilke, and I wonder.... You were able to
> open the SignWriter program, while in Windows XP, and the program was
> there on the screen, looking ok? If that is the case, this means that
> Windows XP can open SignWriter...and perhaps it is not XP that is the
> issue at all...
> Since SignWriter DOS does not use a mouse, you have to use your
> keyboard to move around....Combine the Alt Key with the first letter
> of the command-word. For example, in the English version, Alt-O is
> "Open a File". Alt-Q is "Quit SignWriter".
> So in your German version, you use the Alt key plus the first letter
> of the German words...You will find the words at the bottom of your
> screen. You should be able to leave the program that way.
> There are also instruction documents on the web:
> SignWriter DOS Instruction
> If you do get SignWriter to work with Windows XP, please tell us!
> --
> Val ;-)
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