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June 12, 2002

From: "Fusellier Ivani" <ifusellier at>
To: <DAC at>
Subject: first contact
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002

Hi! Members of the DAC,

I present myself: I'm a brazilian researcher and since 7 years I'm
living in Paris and working with the deaf community and on the sign
language researches.

I'm a doctorate student and professor at the Linguistic department at
the University of Paris 8 in France. Since 4 years we have a new axis
of linguistic research based on Sign Languages.

I'm giving a course for students (bachelor in linguistic). The
contents (program) of the course are an introduction and a discussion
about Sign Languages notation/transcription/writing systems.

I've worked hard on Sign Writing from your site and I started to give
the students an over view of your writing system.

We are collecting many documents from all different kind of notation
systems to help students who are working on sign languages  to choose
a better way to note their data.

So, I'm writing you to know how can we get paper materials from your
system in order to divulge to our students.

We are interesting mainly in the works listed below:

-        History of SignWriting - Video 1: How Deaf, Opinions Changed.

-        History of SignWritiing - Video 2: How SignWriting Changed

-        Lessons in SignWriting - Video series and Booklets

-        Lessons in signWriting - Textbook and workbook.

I was surprising to know that French professors are using SignWriting
in classes. I contacted Patrice Dalle ( with who we are working
together in a research program) and he let me know how the work is
running on with SignWriting in Toulouse.

Hoping we can created a pole to divulge Sign Writing in Paris. I wait
your answer.


Ivani Fusellier-Souza

Doctorate Student at the University of Paris 8 -France

Professor (ATER) at the Linguistic department

Mail: <mailto:ifusellier at>ifusellier at

Adresse : 97, Bd Soult 75012 - Paris - France

Tel : 00 33 1 43 41 38 51

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