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Hi Val, and the other SW-list members.

Val said: "And that is exactly why I started the SignWriting Literacy
Project, where I donate books and materials to teachers of the Deaf around
the world (only when I have the funds). And it has worked! SignWriting is
now used more and more because of my openness and generosity. And if I had
not done that, most teachers wouldn't even know SignWriting exists, let
alone get it accepted by skeptical schools!"

I met the 2ic (Second In Charge) of the local Primary school that has a
Deaf unit.  We became very good friends and I am even on the list to
interpret at their school!!  She has now appointed an teacher that teaches
in Auslan.
As an Auslan interpreter, this is a miracle as the teaching fraternity
frowns on Auslan and by the "powers to be" only Signed English should be
used....  We are 2000 km away from Brisbane and thus 2000km behind the rest
of the country...  Sorry for showing my bitterness.  Nevermind, when
somebody gets sick I can replace this person.  They have 12 Deafies in
different grades.

So me being zealous as anything about SW, I showed her different letters
children had written, I showed her photo's of kids writing, I gave the best
speech of my life! (As a Jehovah's Witness, I give many speeches!!)

Guess her response? Oh we have something similar for so-and-so....  Who is
mentally handicapped, disadvantaged or whatever the politically correct
term is!  I try to get to the point that this was for the Deaf not special
children, to express themselves in their language etc. But she wasn't
interested...  Yes quite a skeptical school, but they have changed a lot
since I moved to Townsville so who knows....

I would like to wait until you have a non-DOS version, and hopefully by
then we have the money....  Then things will change, we will teach our Deaf
friends, the Deaf kids we know etc.

We will teach them on the beach, we will teach them .....

See Ya,

Antony & Terry Daamen

"And just a little while longer, and the wicked one will be no more;
..........But the meek one themselves will possess the earth,
And they will find their exquisite delight in
the abundance of peace. - Isaiah 37:10,11

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