From San Salvador...

Eugenio Gonz H_ ez effeta21 at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Jun 13 20:40:02 UTC 2002

   Hello Valerie Sutton!!!
   I ±_ l be praying for you and for the sitebank be ok!!!
   We ±_ l miss you but is necessary for you dedicated your full time to that
project, we hope hear from you until september.

Ah!!! Let me tell you that we have created a salvadorean committee for
signwriting named: CESS (Comite Effeta para la Signo Escritura Salvadore Qß )
we ±° e so happy and willing to work hardest.

God Bless you...

Eugenio Gonzalez
Centro Escolar Catolico de Sordos  San Antonio de Padua.
Grupo Effet ç  (sordos misioneros cat ¡_ icos).
CESS (Comit Z  Effet ç  para la Signo Escritura Salvadore Qß ).

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