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Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Jun 14 02:33:23 UTC 2002

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June 13, 2002

>>Eugenio Gonzalez wrote: Ah!!! Let me tell you that we have created 
>>a salvadorean committee for signwriting named: CESS (Comite Effeta 
>>para la Signo Escritura Salvadore Qß ) we ±° e so happy and willing 
>>to work hardest...

Wonderful, Eugenio! Thank you for telling me about your new Committee 
for SignWriting in El Salvador...I will be thinking of you this 
summer and I hope your workshop with the Nicaraguans goes well! 
Please send my best wishes to your students and co-workers...

Tomorrow morning I start 14-hours a day working on SignBank! - I have 
approximately 14,000 (fourteen thousand) GIFs to enter, so that all 
the palm facing and rotations of each symbol are in SymbolBank...then 
I will enter linguistic pairs of symbols for searching, and then I 
will add hopefully around 3000 American signs, and around 100 signs 
from other re-design our web sites, expanding them, 
so we can publish the database on the web - plus add illustrations 
and some video clips and animation clips to SignBank work 
on the Instruction Database, so that we can have complete SignWriting 
textbooks in FileMaker, published as a database on the web as well.

And some wonderful guests will break the routine in the middle of 
July, and I will LOVE having them here...I look forward to meeting 

Once again, have a wonderful summer everyone!

Val ;-)

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