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robert roehm pbskidvid at YAHOO.COM
Tue Jun 25 23:56:45 UTC 2002

I am thinking of re-building SignWriter using Ken
Silverman's Build engine. It has a rich database
system for calling up image sequences It can be
adapted for Sutton's other projects, but anything
beyond MimeWiter would require a true 3D engine like
Quake. Both engines have public source code available

Build [as modified for the final Build game "Blood"]


Of course, we would not be using the full capablities
of the engines, as we don't need things like collision
checks and over 1/3 of the code, as that part pertains
to game-play. The rest handles the video modes,
character mapping, graphics and the editors, and
that's just what we need to get the list of
SuttonWorks programs out.

Here's my list

Build-based [2-dimensional figures and direction]

SignWriter [facial expressions, finger, hand, and arm
position direction]
MimeWriter [addition of emotion, torso and foot
position direction]

Quake-based [3-dimensional figures and direction]

DanceWriter [addition of body and orientation
SportsWriter [addition of prop use and direction]
ScienceWriter [addition of prop characteristic

The definitions of the SuttonWorks Suite projects
might get refined as I develop the components. I
should not be doing all the work though, as this has
to be a team effort, including the users of the
program, to get the most beneficial result for all.
One problem: who wants to work on a program that is
owned by only one party? [Sutton is the sole owner of
the notation suite]

Poerting to other platforms would not be too hard
because all that's needed to be ported ins the engine
that draws to the screen, and handles the controls.
The other components can be the same, since they're
not going to be different, and would be
interchangeable between platforms.

The main reason I am interested in helping is because
I need something like ScienceWriter in a few years for
a 3D animated programme, and since SW is the only
closest thing to a program, I might as well help out
and get this thing pushed through.

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