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Thank you very much - this was very enlightening.

I will even have to give that some thought - both regarding the Fulbright
scolarship student who will be my research assistant the enxt year, using
SW and NSL, and in other regards. We are starting to have a system of
evaluating 'real compentences' and give credits (or extemtion from
studying for credits) for those here in Norway. My institution is
affiliated with the University of Bergen, and I am regarded as competent
to be the main superviosrt of this Fulbright scholarship student, having a
doctoral degree in philosophy. If I had been emplyoyd directly by the
universty, I would be an associate professor.

So maybe, when I have thought about this enough, and have got my own rusty
SW-skills more up-to-date and shining, I might be able to help ...


>CEU - Continuing Education Units - equivalent to University-level credits,
>accredited by an institution.  Various colleges and universities have been
>willing to accept a variety of sign language-related activities for CEUs
>a particular field with permission of a given professor in independent
>It would be very helpful if the Center for Sutton Movement Writing were
>connected to the University of California or some other institution for
>CEUs, but at present, Valerie has chosen not to pursue that direction, to
>the best of my knowledge.  Considering how hard people work to learn this
>system, and that learning an alphabet is the essential hallmark of many
>cultures, I feel that having some way to grade competency in the system is
>going to be essential.
>A handful of us were taught by Valerie in intensives over the years, but
>unless we as those students have the right to grade and qualify others,
>system stops with her, and upon any point in the future of her inability
>teach, she may have "given the system away" but those of us who are using
>the system have no way to compare each other's relative competency.
>This has been an ongoing discussion, and with CEUs being brought in, which
>is a system in the U.S. for giving students credit for something that an
>individual student is able to find "out in the world" which his or her
>university does not have teachers for, this may be the way to pursue it.
>My opinion,
>Charles Butler
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>> Please, for our international list, explain the term CEU. Does it means
>> university level credits? I woulldn't know, the acronym is unknow to me,
>> Ingvild
>> SW-L at ADMIN.HUMBERC.ON.CA skriver:
>> >Bill Reese wrote:
>> >>Is it possible for people to earn CEU's when attending SignWriting
>> >>Seminars?  I gave a presention to my ALDA group last night and one
>> >>member showed my handouts to some interpreters at a deaf camp today.
>> >>offered to do a seminar if enough people were interested and she
>> >>there would be if I offered CEU's.  Has anyone ever done it this way
>> >>before?  I can't remember...Bill

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