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CEU - Continuing Education Units - equivalent to University-level credits,
accredited by an institution.  Various colleges and universities have been
willing to accept a variety of sign language-related activities for CEUs in
a particular field with permission of a given professor in independent

It would be very helpful if the Center for Sutton Movement Writing were
connected to the University of California or some other institution for
CEUs, but at present, Valerie has chosen not to pursue that direction, to
the best of my knowledge.  Considering how hard people work to learn this
system, and that learning an alphabet is the essential hallmark of many
cultures, I feel that having some way to grade competency in the system is
going to be essential.

A handful of us were taught by Valerie in intensives over the years, but
unless we as those students have the right to grade and qualify others, the
system stops with her, and upon any point in the future of her inability to
teach, she may have "given the system away" but those of us who are using
the system have no way to compare each other's relative competency.

This has been an ongoing discussion, and with CEUs being brought in, which
is a system in the U.S. for giving students credit for something that an
individual student is able to find "out in the world" which his or her
university does not have teachers for, this may be the way to pursue it.

My opinion,

Charles Butler

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> Please, for our international list, explain the term CEU. Does it means
> university level credits? I woulldn't know, the acronym is unknow to me,
> Ingvild
> SW-L at ADMIN.HUMBERC.ON.CA skriver:
> >Bill Reese wrote:
> >>Is it possible for people to earn CEU's when attending SignWriting
> >>Seminars?  I gave a presention to my ALDA group last night and one
> >>member showed my handouts to some interpreters at a deaf camp today.  I
> >>offered to do a seminar if enough people were interested and she thinks
> >>there would be if I offered CEU's.  Has anyone ever done it this way
> >>before?  I can't remember...Bill

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