nieuwsbrief Koning Boudewijnstichting

Ilka Schäfke ilka at SCHAEFKE.NET
Tue Jun 4 22:09:48 UTC 2002

Dear Val,
i looked at Bills translation and i wasn´t sure if that really helped. Since
Dutch is close to German, i try to translate it for you, if you already got
it, skip this:

"In the newsletter (see name), we would like to print the following
pictures. The pictures are to be printed in the centerpages (format 6x7 cm,
bichrome). Our newsletter is printed in 50.000 copies.
I need the following information from you:

-  (here i´m not sure, i guess they need a better version of the pictures,
since they give the format .jpg and 300 dpi
- information about the printrights
- name and address of the fotographer from those two pictures, his / her
name would appear on the last page of the newsletter, the fotographer would
also get one copy of the newsletter send to him for free.

And all this we need until wednesday the 5th of june (with many times saying
sorry for the short notice)
We hope that you can get this information to us in this short time. I would
be very grateful for it."

Ilka Schäfke
Weidestraße 25
22083 Hamburg
Tel.: (040) 567808
Fax.: (069) 79 12 24 777

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