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discussion: writing handshapes in different perspectives

Hi Charles
In your second spelling you use a different symbol for the handshape -

SSS : 01 - 02 - 004 - 01 - 02     (hand up, back of hand to the right)

I understand your idea to stick to the top down view - but in this case
there has to be somewhere the gap to inform the reader -
As far as I know there are no top-down views included in the SSS for
handorientations with fingers pointing upward - and I do not miss them.

To me it would not be any problem to use the top down view for the head  in
order to show exactly where to contact the top of the head ( if this is
neccessary)  and to add the handsymbol that includes in itself all
information about orientation as you can see from the SSS

 see next message

Stefan :-)

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> Whenever I change perspective, I look at the hand from that perspective.
> Since I'm looking down from the top, the hand must be half and half rather
> than all black as I am seeing the edge of the hand rather than the back of
> the hand.
> This is the only way I know of to show the "back top" of the head as
> to the front top of the head, like one of the signs I have seen for
> "Pharaoh" with a serpent brushing up from the forehead.  (two signs
> attached)
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> From: Charles Butler <chazzer3 at EROLS.COM>
> Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2002 8:55 PM
> Subject: Re: Malta-Scorpion
> > Here's my take on it.  If the back is at the bottom looking at the top
> > the head, this should be accurate for "scorpion"
> >
> > Charles Butler
> >

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