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May 5, 2002

Flavio -
Thanks for your messages about SignBank. People are very busy right
now, so I don't believe anyone has tested it yet. I know you
mentioned that there were no ZIP files for the SignBank Archives or
SignBank Help Files? Actually, there are...just scroll down further
on the beta test web page. But here are direct links for you:

SignBank Beta Test

SignBank Archives

SignBank Help

Meanwhile, I will be posting an improved beta test version in the
middle of May, so you may want to wait anyway...

I do have one question for you the Japanese version of
FileMaker, do you type directly in Japanese symbols, or is it the
Roman alphabet? If it is Japanese symbols, then my question
does the Japanese version of FileMaker read FileMaker databases in
the Roman alphabet? Because the SignBank version I have created at
this time is written in English and ASL, so I am trying to imagine
how the Japanese version would be able to read it? it may be that we
will need a programmer like yourself to help us create a special
version of SignBank that types in Japanese script, as well as
Japanese Sign Language...but can read western databases too...

Val ;-)


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