AmericanSignLanguageLearningAid 0.1 release!!!

andy uehara andy_uehara at YAHOO.COM
Wed May 8 07:27:06 UTC 2002

This is my first email to this list, So if you would
like to be removed from the list please let me know.

I just wanted to announce my 0.1 relase. This works on
windows, *nix, and (MAC) OS X. currently the only
words in the data base are baby, boy. to see them you
just type the word then add a space at the end. There
is also fingerspelling. please check it out and report
any  bugs:

The database system of the program is located in the
data directory (please look around, you don't need to
be a computer guy/al to figure it out). I am currently
looking for people to contribute pictures. Please save
pictures in bmp format. Each picture should be 100x100
pixels. (think of flip books, that kids make).

One of the side effects of the new translating engine
is that it can work with any picture language. I am
planning on adding a loan-sign, baby-sign,
english-sign language, and sign-writing.

My first priority is trying to add more functionality
for different picture formats. This will allow me to
revamp the gui as well as make the database files


ps. Eileen, I am finding out that doing smooth
transitioning between pictures is hard. The current
format looks like WORD-WORD-WORD. (until 3d modeling
of humans develops that's probably the best you'll see
for a while). so I am currently working on just
getting the words. I plan to add basic grammer later,
but right now I need the content first.

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