AmericanSignLanguageLearningAid 0.1 release!!!

Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue May 14 14:41:38 UTC 2002

SignWriting List
May 14, 2002

Hello Everyone, and Andy!
Thank you for these two messages (pasted below). I want you to know
that I did visit your site, and of course I was so happy to see the
link to SignWriting there - thank you!! And congratulations on your
work, Andy - I haven't seen it yet. I feel a little stupid. How do I
access your program? I clicked on this url: and then I clicked on "downloads". But
at that point, I got confused. Which file should I download, to see
the SignWriting entries? Can I download "winbin" on a Mac? Can you
give us a direct url in an email message, with the specific download?
Sorry to bother you about this -

Val ;-)


Andy wrote:
>This is my first email to this list, So if you would
>like to be removed from the list please let me know.
>I just wanted to announce my 0.1 relase. This works on
>windows, *nix, and (MAC) OS X. currently the only
>words in the data base are baby, boy. to see them you
>just type the word then add a space at the end. There
>is also fingerspelling. please check it out and report
>any  bugs:
>The database system of the program is located in the
>data directory (please look around, you don't need to
>be a computer guy/al to figure it out). I am currently
>looking for people to contribute pictures. Please save
>pictures in bmp format. Each picture should be 100x100
>pixels. (think of flip books, that kids make).
>One of the side effects of the new translating engine
>is that it can work with any picture language. I am
>planning on adding a loan-sign, baby-sign,
>english-sign language, and sign-writing.
>My first priority is trying to add more functionality
>for different picture formats. This will allow me to
>revamp the gui as well as make the database files
>ps. Eileen, I am finding out that doing smooth
>transitioning between pictures is hard. The current
>format looks like WORD-WORD-WORD. (until 3d modeling
>of humans develops that's probably the best you'll see
>for a while). so I am currently working on just
>getting the words. I plan to add basic grammer later,
>but right now I need the content first.

>I know I sent out an email the other day, but I
>recently added all the american-signwritting that I
>could find from the signwriting website. If others are
>willing to contribute more please feel free to do so.
>there are contributing information on my website w/
>examples. (currently I can only handle
>english/american text though).
>I would like to add internationalization as well as
>sign writing input. But first I am going to work on
>the gui a little bit. Right now I can handle all
>english-american text input.
>I am hoping to make this a community project, so
>please feel free to contribute. If you have any
>questions please email me directly at
>andy_uehara at
>thanks for everything,

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