AmericanSignLanguageLearningAid 0.1 release!!!

Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue May 14 15:43:40 UTC 2002

SignWriting List
May 14, 2002

Everyone - I just received this very nice message from Andy, who
desparately needs someone to add some SignWriting to his database. Is
there anyone who can help Andy? My time is tight at the moment, so I
wonder who has time to help? Share with us how it goes...And congrats
once again, Andy -  Val ;-)


Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 08:39:54 -0700 (PDT)
From: andy uehara <andy_uehara at>
Subject: Re: AmericanSignLanguageLearningAid 0.1 release!!!
To: Valerie Sutton <Sutton at>

You want to download win-bin. just click on download.
Right now, I don't have a mac (classic OS) to develop
on so, it shouldn't work on a mac, but perhaps in the
future you could help me develop for the mac os.
Technically my program can be built to run on the old
classic mac OS. (but no support there now, sorry
Valerie) (PS. Valerie if I send you copies of my
program for classic mac os will you test them for
for windows and (mac OSX users) click on this link:
You need a copy of winzip for windows users. (Windows
users please follow the directions on the
windows_install link. (it's at

for the new mac users (OSX) you need to have
SDL,SDL_image you can get these at the site

If you are a *nix user or a Mac OSX user please email
me directly at andy_uehara at I would like
your opinion on how difficult it was to download and
run these files. (especially if you are not a

I am desperately looking for users to help donate to
the database. I should technically be able to add any
sign language or signwriting or other form of
communication that I can use pictures to help teach.
Please see the contributions page (at

I hope this answers any questions.

As for future goals:
the most immediate is to add a nice gui.
after that:
1. adding an embedded target (so you can run it on
your PDA's- imagine going to another country and being
able to look up signs in that country's-SignLanguage.)
2. working up internationalization code (so people
with non-english keyboards and operating systems can
use this program)
3. adding support for video, avi and mpg. (since these
two formats are not-proprietary). Along with sound.
4. perhaps adding stuff like semaphores
5. or morse code (via lights or audio)
6. perhaps a nice way of spitting out flash cards or
webpages that display the entire database or a

I welcome anybody who would like to contribute. Please
don't be afraid to ask. I am especially interested in
input from those of the deaf community and those
trying to learn sign-language, and developers (of


--- Valerie Sutton <Sutton at> wrote:
>  SignWriting List
>  May 14, 2002
>  Hello Everyone, and Andy!
>  Thank you for these two messages (pasted below). I
>  want you to know
>  that I did visit your site, and of course I was so
>  happy to see the
>  link to SignWriting there - thank you!! And
>  congratulations on your
>  work, Andy - I haven't seen it yet. I feel a little
>  stupid. How do I
>  access your program? I clicked on this url:
> and then I clicked on
>  "downloads". But
>  at that point, I got confused. Which file should I
>  download, to see
>  the SignWriting entries? Can I download "winbin" on
>  a Mac? Can you
>  give us a direct url in an email message, with the
>  specific download?
>  Sorry to bother you about this -
>  Val ;-)
>  -------------------------
>  Andy wrote:
>  >This is my first email to this list, So if you
>  would
>  >like to be removed from the list please let me
>  know.
>  >
>  >I just wanted to announce my 0.1 relase. This works
>  on
>  >windows, *nix, and (MAC) OS X. currently the only
>  >words in the data base are baby, boy. to see them
>  you
>  >just type the word then add a space at the end.
>  There
>  >is also fingerspelling. please check it out and
>  report
>  >any  bugs:
>  >
>  >
>  >The database system of the program is located in
>  the
>  >data directory (please look around, you don't need
>  to
>  >be a computer guy/al to figure it out). I am
>  currently
>  >looking for people to contribute pictures. Please
>  save
>  >pictures in bmp format. Each picture should be
>  100x100
>  >pixels. (think of flip books, that kids make).
>  >
>  >One of the side effects of the new translating
>  engine
>  >is that it can work with any picture language. I am
>  >planning on adding a loan-sign, baby-sign,
>  >english-sign language, and sign-writing.
>  >
>  >My first priority is trying to add more
>  functionality
>  >for different picture formats. This will allow me
>  to
>  >revamp the gui as well as make the database files
>  >smaller.
>  >
>  >peace,
>  >andy
>  >
>  >ps. Eileen, I am finding out that doing smooth
>  >transitioning between pictures is hard. The current
>  >format looks like WORD-WORD-WORD. (until 3d
>  modeling
>  >of humans develops that's probably the best you'll
>  see
>  >for a while). so I am currently working on just
>  >getting the words. I plan to add basic grammer
>  later,
>  >but right now I need the content first.
>  >
>  >__________________________________________________
>  >I know I sent out an email the other day, but I
>  >recently added all the american-signwritting that I
>  >could find from the signwriting website. If others
>  are
>  >willing to contribute more please feel free to do
>  so.
>  >there are contributing information on my website w/
>  >examples. (currently I can only handle
>  >english/american text though).
>  >
>  >
>  >I would like to add internationalization as well as
>  >sign writing input. But first I am going to work on
>  >the gui a little bit. Right now I can handle all
>  >english-american text input.
>  >
>  >I am hoping to make this a community project, so
>  >please feel free to contribute. If you have any
>  >questions please email me directly at
>  >andy_uehara at
>  >
>  >thanks for everything,
>  >andy

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