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Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
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May 12, 2002


Stefan Woehrmann in Germany wrote:
1)  I understand this stage of Beta Test that I am still not able to
paste my own gifs and entries into the Signbank - is that true?

Hello SW List Members, and Stefan!
Thank you sooooo much, Stefan, for attempting the beta test version are very brave, ha! And thanks for taking the time from
your very busy schedule...

Our programmer just delivered a newer and better version to me on
Friday, and I am testing it right now. I hope to post this new beta
test version Monday, May 13. So many of the problems you encountered
have already been solved...

Regarding your first question above...Yes. You will be able to add
signs in the May 13 Beta Test version. I am not finished writing the
instructions for the SignBank Editor. There is a lot of information
you need to know before you can begin.

It is probably best that you do not start adding a lot of signs just
yet....maybe a few to play around with - but if there are any other
problems that show up, I would hate to think you would lose any of
your data we need to take things slowly right now.

I will be working all summer on SignBank and SymbolBank, completing
lessons and adding symbols and signs, so that the release date in
September, 2002 will be a success...

Once again, Stefan, thanks for all the time you put in to beta
testing...and I will get to your other questions soon..... ;-))


Val ;-)


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