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May 12, 2002


Stefan Woehrmann in Germany wrote:
>3) SignBank opened after I typed my Password- Number    ;-)))
>4) I could start to look for signs - in Sign Bank I   ;-))
>5) Constantly I feel trapped if I press the "Print - button" but
>then - looking at the preview would like to decide to escape from
>that - unfortunately I closed the window - clicking at the little
>cross in the upper right corner and over sudden the whole battery of
>filemaker folders get closed and I have to start from the beginning.

Hello Stefan!
Thank you for this feedback. I am glad to know that you could
download and open SignBank successfully. No locking problems...that
is great - ha!

Your number 5 above....It has been solved with our new May 13 Beta
Test version which I will post tomorrow...When you press the Print
icon in the new version, a window will come up asking if you want to
"Preview" or "Print"....if you press Print, then you can continue to
print by pressing the "continue" button on the left margin. But if
you press Preview, you can look at the document before you print, to
make sure it looks the way you want it to look....In this Preview
Mode, if you press the continue button, it will place you back in
SignBank, rather than forcing you to print...So the trapping problem
goes away - But be sure to use the Continue Button on the left
margin. You are right, if you close the program, you will have to
start again - how annoying!

Because you had mentioned this problem before, I was able to inform
our programmer about a month ago. He and I discussed it back and
forth for some time, trying different solutions. Finally we solved it
- So you see your feedback is having a direct influence on the
improvements, Stefan!
Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at


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