SW-L Digest - 12 May 2002 to 13 May 2002

andy uehara andy_uehara at YAHOO.COM
Mon May 13 19:22:35 UTC 2002

I know I sent out an email the other day, but I
recently added all the american-signwritting that I
could find from the signwriting website. If others are
willing to contribute more please feel free to do so.
there are contributing information on my website w/
examples. (currently I can only handle
english/american text though).

I would like to add internationalization as well as
sign writing input. But first I am going to work on
the gui a little bit. Right now I can handle all
english-american text input.

I am hoping to make this a community project, so
please feel free to contribute. If you have any
questions please email me directly at
andy_uehara at yahoo.com

thanks for everything,

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