congratulations Valerie! SignBank 2002 Reference Manual is superb!

Fernando Capovilla capovila at USP.BR
Mon May 20 21:07:25 UTC 2002

Congratulations for the SignBank 2002 Reference Manual, Valerie!
It is superb! What a great job!

The CD ROM you asked about allows deaf people to retrieve signs from a huge sign database,
directly, simply by clicking on menus of handshapes, facial expressions, types of movement,
place in space, etc. By clicking on any given chereme (sign features), the deaf finds all
its corresponding allochers (values or levels of the variable chereme). By clocking on any
given allocher, all the applicable signs emerge. By clicking on a 2nd allocher, all signs
that satisfy both conditions (both allochers) emerge. And so on thus refining the search.
Our system indexes and retrieves 9,500 signs based on all possible allochers of the
following cheremes, such as handshapes, facial expressions, types of movement, place in
space, etc. It is fun. I have shown a demo of it last October at Gallaudet, but now the
whole thing is finally getting finished.

Again, congratulations on your great SignBank 2002 Reference Manual!

Thank you,

Fernando & crew

> ,002
> Fernando in Brazil wrote:
> >After publishing our Libras Dictionary (packed with SW), we are
> >preparing a series of 16
> >books for teaching Libras, which shall be published on November,
> >plus a CD ROM (the
> >digital encyclopedia of Libras) that permits retrieving signs by
> >simply clicking on
> >cheremes and allochers (graphic interface), thus dispensing with the
> >need for alphabetic
> >Portuguese mediation.
> Hello Fernando!
> How nice to hear from you again -It sounds like your project is
> progressing well...congratulations with accomplish so much!
> I am really interested in your retrieval of signs by "clicking on
> cheremes and allochers (graphic interface)".....This is basically a
> "sign-symbol-sequence", isn't it? .. Will people be able to find
> signs by SignWriting symbols on the CD-ROM? exciting ;-))
> Val ;-)

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