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May 20, 2002

Fernando in Brazil wrote:
>Our system indexes and retrieves 9,500 signs based on all possible
>allochers of the
>following cheremes, such as handshapes, facial expressions, types of
>movement, place in
>space, etc. It is fun. I have shown a demo of it last October at
>Gallaudet, but now the
>whole thing is finally getting finished.

Hello Everyone, and Fernando!
Thanks for your kind words about the SignBank Reference Manual. I
know you have written many books, Fernando, so you know how it feels.
When it is done, you wonder why it was so hard while you were writing
it! And we all know that Reference Manuals for software are only read
when someone is frustrated, so it is not exactly a "best selling
novel" ...Even so, it was absolutely essential and SignBank would not
be used without it.

Regarding your CD-ROM, which sounds equally as interesting and
unique...I still do not understand one thing --- When they click on a
handshape, are they clicking on a life-like illustration? Words?
SignWriting symbols?

In other words, from a visual standpoint, what does it look like
under the mouse pointer? Are SignWriting symbols being clicked on?

I am a very visual person and I need a picture to see how you
designed the CD-ROM searches - but of course hopefully in November I
can see it at that time! No matter what, I know it will be a useful
tool for people -

Many blessings -

Val ;-)


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