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May 23, 2002

>>  Fernando in Brazil wrote: In the CD there is a popup menu
>>containing 4 items (life-like illustrations of cheremes):
>>handshape, place, movement, facial expression. When you click on
>>one of them, hundreds of applicable pictures (allochers) appear.
>>E.g., click on handshape and you will get hand in A, B, C, ... Z,
>>1, 2, 3... When you click on the picture of an actual hand
>>articulating the A handshape, all actual signs containing the A
>>handshape appear listed for you to choose simply by clicking on it.
>>By crossing cheremes, you can retrieve any sign from the 9,500 sign
>>base with just 2-3 mouse clicks. This is liberty for deaf students,
>>since their languages may be organized according to their own
>>liguistic principles, and not by the alphabet.

This sounds like a wonderful CD, Fernando, and what you describe
above is what I call a "Sign-Symbol-Sequence" (SSS). I have my own
Sequence, but other people have developed other Sequences too...and
clearly you are one of them!]

As you know, the new SignBank 2002 is a tool for making your own
databases, combining life-like illustrations with SignWriting signs
and symbols. Plus you can add video clips, animation and other signed
and spoken languages. One of the most important features of SignBank
is the fact that you can create your own unique Sequence and sort and
print the dictionary database in a Sequence you it is
quite flexible. And technically, your CD-ROM could coordinate with,
and hook up to, SignBank...with some kind of an automatic "flow" of
data into the SignBank database - this all for the future! Just
wanted to share this with you ;-)
Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at


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