Signwriter 4.4 under Windows XP

Mon May 20 23:24:15 UTC 2002

Dear Valerie, Stuart, and any other interested Windows XP users:

We have managed to get SignWriter 4.4 to run in the Windows XP DOS box (command prompt).  I cannot yet guaratee how the outputs will function, however, since we have barely made it run.  It looks good at this time.

Currently, we have made a "Windows Shortcut" pointing to the sw.exe file on the desktop.
If we right click on the shortcut and select "advance properties", it shows two files necessary to modify, using the "notepad" editor program.  XP will ask what program to open these files in, as it does not recognize them, and will provide an icon to select "notepad".

The first file is called "Autoexec.NT", and is very similar to the old DOS Autoexec.bat file.  Once you open it in the "notepad" editor program, add one simple line at the bottom (actually anywhere on the left margin would work):


using the "dos path" to where the sw.exe file exists, assuming in this example that your actual file path is C:\SW\sw\exe.

The second file is called "Config.NT", and is very similar to the old DOS Config.sys file.  It can be opened also in the "notepad" DOS editor program.  It requires the addition of a files statement larger than the one already at the bottom of the left side of the file.  Mine came configured for 40 files.  I changed this line to read:


So far, this has worked to operate SignWriter 4.4, as far as typing signs.  I will report again soon after trying to export the .bmp and ..pdf formats.

Jerry Spillman
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