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May 27, 2002

From: ASLT at (Ana and Leslie)
Date: Tue, 14 May 2002

Dear Valerie:
I am interested in purchasing books and videos to learn sign language in
spanish.  CAn you help me?  I have a deaf brother who lives in El
Salvador.  He is currently being taught at a church, where they have
been able to obtain some of the material in spanish.  I've looked thru
the web site, but am unable to find any.  I would like for him to be
able to study at home after school to further his advancement.
I also see that members get a discount, and am wondering if I should
sign  up myself, or if I should sign my brother on.  Please let me know.
                        Ana M Saprissa


Hello Ana!
Thank you for writing.  Although Spanish is spoken in many countries,
each country has a different Sign Language. For example, El
Salvadoran Sign Language, which I assume your Deaf brother uses, is
not the same Sign Language as Nicaraguan Sign Language, or Madrid
Sign Language. So Sign Languages are not international, nor are they
necessarily tied to spoken Spanish...

We do have some materials in Nicaraguan Sign Language, Colombian Sign
Language and Spanish Sign Language from Madrid, Spain. Here are some
web pages to visit:


SignWriting In Colombia

SignWriting In Mexico

SignWriting In Nicaragua

SignWriting In Peru

SignWriting In Spain


Textbook in Spanish Sign Language (Madrid):

Lessons Files from Colombia


Nicaraguan Sign Language
write to:
James Shepard-Kegl
kegl at

Spanish Sign Language (Madrid)
write to:
Steve & Dianne Parkhurst
steve-dianne_parkhurst at SIL.ORG

Colombian Sign Language
write to:
Hector Devias
hdevias at TUTOPIA.COM

I am sorry that we do not have any materials in El Salvadoran Sign
Language in SignWriting yet, but perhaps your brother could write the
first literature in his language?...That would be exciting!

We look forward to hearing from you -

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton
Sutton at

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