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Thu May 30 20:35:31 UTC 2002

SignWriting List
May 30, 2002

Dear SW List Members:
As you know, the Deaf Way II Conference will be held at Gallaudet
University in Washington DC from July 8-13.

Deaf Way II

There are several SignWriting presentations. I would like to bring
focus to those SignWriting presentations in the next few email
messages...I think all of them are impressive, and deserve our

James Shepard-Kegl sent me a wonderful printed document of his entire
presentation! I am reading it now. Thank you, James! Do you have the
document on your computer? Could you send me a computer file of it?
It is terrific and I know it would make a great posting on the web,
plus give our List Members some good information about how you are
using SignWriting in Nicaragua...

And Charles Butler and the Albuquerque team...could you write a brief
email summary to the SignWriting List, telling us exactly what your
presentations will cover? Just a summary...that will be enough...

I was thinking of creating a web posting which summarizes all of the
presentations at Deaf Way II...

Look forward to hearing from you!

Val ;-)


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