SignWriting at Deaf Way II Conference

Charles Butler chazzer3 at EROLS.COM
Fri May 31 01:03:42 UTC 2002

Considering that I am sharing the stage with 2 other people over 45 minutes,
I will be focusing on the many "literatures" being created using Sign

SECTION I: Overview:

Sign Writing as a writing system.
- Examples from Valerie of the workbook.

SECTION II: Translation:

Copies of the various translations of some of the Psalms, the Charge of the
Goddess, the Star-Spangled Banner, to show both "close to English" and
"tending toward ASL" in word choices.

A little bit of "O Menina" and some examples from Brazilian Portuguese to
show that literature is being developed.

SECTION III: Original works.

A book report on the Trojan War (courtesy of the Klegls)

SECTION IV: Dictionaries

Libras/Portuguese - Portuguese/Libras
Maltese/Maltese Sign Language

In addition to walking through the various literatures I have, I will be
making "poster reports" using samples of each to show what each group that
has sent me work is doing.

Hope this overview helps.

Charles Butler

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