SignBank 2002 Beta Test May 1, 2002

Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon May 6 01:12:48 UTC 2002

SignWriting List
May 5, 2002

Hello Everyone, and Flavio -
This is very good news. I am sooo happy to know there is a Japanese
version of FileMaker. Did you know that FileMaker was once an Apple
product, developed at Apple? Then, when it spread to Windows, and
became a popular database program for small businesses, FileMaker
Corp was formed as a separate business from Apple. Apparently the
Japanese version of FileMaker is still under Apple Corporation in
Japan...maybe that is why the FileMaker people here did not realize
there was a Japanese version -

Anyway...this is what I suggest Flavio. Can you find the address for
Apple Corp in Japan? When I go on the FileMaker web site for Japan,
it is in Japanese and I cannot read it. So I could not find the
address on the web...

Once you find the address and phone numbers, please share them with
us. Then both of us can write to Apple in Japan to ask them why your
Japanese operating system is not accepting the English version of

Here in the US, the FileMaker support team gives excellent technical
support so maybe we will be lucky in Japan too!

Val ;-)


Flavio in Japan wrote:

>Hello all, hello Val!
>>  But since I cannot read Japanese I am not sure what
>>  it says! Can you
>>  actually purchase a full version of FileMaker in
>>  Japanese? That is
>>  wonderful! How much does it cost?
>Yes, you can purchase a full version of all softwares
>of FileMaker in Japanese - and even some extra
>upgrades that do not exist in English. There is even a
>"i-Mode" version, for Japanese mobiles. The price of
>the basic one is 39,000 ienes (about 310 american
>About your other question, yes, FileMaker works
>perfectly in Japanese in my computer (forgeting
>SignBank). On the other hand, I was unable to install
>and English version (it is the first time I face such
>limitation, my Japanese Operating System always allow
>installation of English or even Portuguese
>>  Regarding PalmTops, Flavio, I talked to our
>>  programmer about that.
>Thanks Val. My personal research was already leading
>to the same direction - not only about FileMaker. The
>Palm Tops were just an idea, but I don't think I'll
>carry on on that.
>Thanks, I'll be waiting until you talk to the
>Yahoo! Encontros
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>vida. Cadastre-se hoje mesmo!

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