SignBank 2002 Beta Test May 1, 2002

Flavio Medina flaviomedina at YAHOO.COM
Mon May 6 10:00:37 UTC 2002

Hello again!

> Once you find the address and phone numbers, please
> share them with
> us. Then both of us can write to Apple in Japan to
> ask them why your
> Japanese operating system is not accepting the
> English version of
> FileMaker?...

I looked in the homepage, and both the address of
FileMaker Inc. (California, Santa Clara, US) and the
Japanese representant are registered. What makes me
wonder if what you said about FileMaker in Japan being
from Aple is still true...

Anyway, about the Japanese address... Well, reding
names of places in Japanese is always a challenge.
Even though I know all the kanjis I cannot be sure
about the pronounciation. Mark, I'll need your help on
this one - or if there is any Japanese in the list,
please... Look in:
If you know the place yourself (as it is in Tokyo), or
if you have enough self-confidence, please teach me
(us) the correct address.

I looked for email addresses for suport, but without
success... No phone numbers are available eaither.

I'll see what I can do. Will keep in touch.

I think that's it for now.



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