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May 6, 2002

>Stuart Thiessen wrote:
>It seems to me that in the future, you might be able to use an "installer"
>program or if necessary something "homegrown" to deliver the SignBank
>content to the user.  In that case, you can have the program unzip the files
>and change the archive/read-only flags.  However, in this scenario,
>everything is manually installed and so that becomes another step in the

Hello Everyone, and Stuart!
You are right as always, Stuart. Todd suggested that we start by
using a free version of VISE Installation Software, called VISE Lite,
which is very cross-platform, and great for Mac programmers like

So I will be downloading VISE Lite now, which can only be used for
shareware. But since beta testers are not paying us anything anyway,
certainly SignBank falls into that category at the moment. Then
later, if we want to sell copies, we will purchase the full version
of VISE with all the licensing fees etc...costly but necessary if we
want people to use SignBank around the world.

So I suggest that everyone hold off on downloading the beta test
version for now - let me create an installation program for it with
VISE, and then I will re-upload the beta test version...

I have to learn how to use VISE, so this may take a few days...
Thanks so much for your input, everyone!

Val ;-)


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