SignBank Technical Support ;-)

Flavio Medina flaviomedina at YAHOO.COM
Mon May 13 23:41:34 UTC 2002

Hello everyone!

> >Windows Users: The files may be set to READ-ONLY in
> >the Properties window after you download them from
> the
> >web site. Before you will be able to use the
> >application, select all the files in the folder,
> then
> >right-click one of the selected files. Select
> >Properties, uncheck Read-Only and Archive, then
> click
> >Apply. You will now be able to use the application.

In the first place, sorry for taking this long to
answer... In the second, I know that the new bate-test
version is about to be relseased... But even then I
thought it was worth posting a reply for the above.
Which is, no files had the "read only" restriction...
(of course I didn't checked one by one, but about two
each folder). Shame...

Hope the next one works :) (Hoping doesn't hurt, does
it? Even with a Japanese computer...:)

Bye then!


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