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Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue May 7 14:22:29 UTC 2002

>andy uehara wrote:
>Japanese windows and american windows are two separate
>products, similar to windows and macs. The
>incompatibility probably lies there. A possible
>solution is to use Unicode character processing or get
>a new database program aka: MySql, mSql. I think there
>are more out there, but these are pretty popular and
>tested. Both will work on just about any machine and
>handle multiple-languages.

Hello Andy!
Thanks for your information and advice. You make good points. I will
keep your message.

Regarding SignBank 2002 in FileMaker...since it is a program that is
close to being finished, I must continue with it. FileMaker is a
powerful database program that coordinates with MySql and mSql, which
you mention. And a new version of FileMaker coming out in a year or
so, will be supporting Unicode. Plus, it appears that we have been
handed a gift - namely that FileMaker has a Japanese version already
developed...I didn't expect that...so I believe with good tech
support from Apple and FileMaker corporation, we should be able to
develop a Japanese version of SignBank someday...

For years we were struggling developing our own software for
SignWriting, but now that I have chosen to use existing software such
as FileMaker, we are doing better. That means we also have to work
within the confines of the FileMaker environment - but since they are
continually improving their product, we have hope to include those
new elements into SignBank too -

So thanks for your input!


Val ;-)


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