Mothers day

Charles Butler chazzer3 at EROLS.COM
Tue May 14 05:01:36 UTC 2002


I did get your written materials, and have downloaded a ton of stuff from
the Web.  Until I have more cash, I have to make do with the memory I have.
When I tried to load up the program it wanted to fill up all the memory on
my computer and then some, even after I removed a lot of software.

It's disappointing, and I'm having to wait for an upgrade.  Memory is fairly
cheap these days, but other things are in the way.

I am still teaching at DeafWayII.  They have me with 2 other people
discussing Sign Language as Literature in 45 minutes, so I think my best bet
is to have as much visual stuff as possible.  I plan to get some poster
board and mount as many poetry examples as I can find, plus some famous
things like the Star Spangled Banner, Brazilian National Hymn, and some
other key stuff.

Hope we can really make this a proud showing.


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> >Charles in Washington DC wrote: Happy Mother's day Valerie, You
> >certainly have given birth to quite a wild child.
> Thank you, Charles! Wild is a good term for it - ha!
> While I am thinking of it, I have two questions to ask you, Charles...
> 1. SignBank: Did you tell me that your computer does not have enough
> memory to install FileMaker Pro 5.5? Tell us about your
> situation...Do you plan to get more memory for your computer?
> 2. Deaf Way II: Are your plans still the same? Will you be presenting
> a SignWriting workshop? I have some materials to give you...
> --
> Val ;-)
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