Mothers day

Stuart Thiessen smt_sw at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon May 13 15:40:32 UTC 2002

SMILE ... It is growing beyond what its detractors may say, so that is good
to see!

The first week of our 4-week workshop went well.  In fact, one person only
had exposure to SW from watching me at a recent deaf social writing down the
Japanese signs that I forwarded to Mark.  She actually "dragged" one of her
friends to the workshop because she was so excited to see what SW could do.
Both are young adults.  So that was interesting to see.  We had one
interpreter student who will graduate this year.  Four of them were from our
church. We had 7 in all, which is smaller than I hoped, but still a good
place to start. I rather think that they will become more excited by the end
of the 4 weeks.  We also have some people who have expressed interest for a
fall workshop and even some who might be interested in an actual "literacy"
class that would focus on really becoming truly literate in ASL (in the SW
sense). So ... some interesting possibilities here.

I guess it is becoming more of a young adult too (SMILE)



Stuart Thiessen
Des Moines, IA
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> SignWriting List
> May 13, 2002
> >Stuart in Iowa wrote: Well, maybe no physical children, but you did
> >"give birth" to SignWriting
> >and that certainly has had enough birth pangs of its own. (SMILE). For
> >we can be thankful for that impact you have had.
> Ha! Stuart - thanks for this cute message. And thank you for
> expressing your appreciation. I also appreciate all that you have
> done with SignWriting over so many years...
> How did your seminar go this weekend? Your flyer in SignWriting
> looked great....
> Regarding motherhood and creations...SignWriting is a young adult
> now, and it is time for it to move out of the house and establish a
> life of its own...don't you agree? ;-))
> And it seems to be doing that despite me!
> Val ;-)

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