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May 31, 2002

>Stuart wrote: I realize there is more than one
>way to spell.  I'm just curious about advantages and disadvantages.....

Hello Karl, Stuart and Charles!
Thanks for your writings of the sign for "scorpion" in Maltese Sign
Language. I will answer all your questions, Stuart and Charles, but
it will take a couple of messages... A detailed explanation will
follow in the next few days - I have to run to an appointment and
will be gone all day...

If we are writing the sign for daily use, and not for detailed
research, I would write it like this...see attached. I am assuming
the fingers touch. I have written this directly at the top of the
head. If the hand is at an angle (second example), then the wrist
area is touching the top of the head, versus the hand touching in the
first example:
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